Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm Titan a ball python and I have an important message for you.

Hey all you reptile, amphibian and exotic lovers! I'm Titan and I'm a ball python.
I really thought that humans were so mean because the last one I was with left me at the dump. This nice guy found me and gave me to this lady that rescues ball pythons like me. I couldn't believe how nice the humans were at this rescue that I was taken to. But mostly I really couldn't believe how many other ball pythons there were at this nice rescue.

 I thought maybe some of these other ball pythons were jerks and that's why people kept giving them to this rescue. But actually, they are all really nice snakes and we are buddies now. We are so confused as to why so many humans keep buying us and then giving us away so quickly. Or why some humans don't clean up our enclosures, feed us or give us any heat and stuff to hide in and climb around on. We don't make any noise, we only eat about every two weeks, we don't take up a lot of room, we love to cuddle with you on the couch and we're really tidy too.

 Please don't buy us if you can't afford us or don't want to keep us for life. If we are taken good care of, we can live up to 20-30 years. If you keep giving us away or trying to sell us to make money so soon after owning us, imagine how many different homes we'll bounce through. It's not very much fun and a lot of people give us to humans that really don't take good care of us. It can make us very sick and that hurts a lot. We hide it because we don't like to complain much, but we do feel inside.

 So if you are thinking about buying a ball python, please make it a commitment for life and take good care of us. I worry about all my buddies and brothers and sisters as they are for sale everywhere and being given away to anyone who will take a free snake. I wonder, did they get a good human to take them or one of the not so good humans? It's scary and I hope that if you have a ball python that you love it and take good care of it because if you are good to us, we will be good to you.

Sometimes I see pictures and hear stories about some of my buddies. Some of them are good and some of them are very bad. I hope you are one of the good stories with good pictures and remind other's that if they want a ball python, that we are just as important as a dog or cat and will live much longer.

 You can see a lot of my other buddies here at the rescue on this fancy website they created. Check them out. We're a fun bunch of snakes and have a hoot here. If you want to know how to take good care of us, talk to these humans at this rescue and they will give you all the good information you need. We aren't difficult but we do like our space even though everyone thinks we don't like or need a decent amount of space to live in. Thanks for reading and I hope you love your snakes for life because we're pretty darn cool if you ask me.

 A very concerned ball python,

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