Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Surrender A Reptile, Amphibian or Exotic Animal to the Rescue

Unfortunately we can not take in any more reptiles until we adopt out several of the animals we currently have in our care.
We are located in Fairbanks and have a lot of Anchorage area folks wanting to surrender animals over to our rescue. We cannot handle the load of the Fairbanks area reptile needs as well as the Anchorage area. The local animal shelters in the Anchorage area do take in reptiles. Please do not contact us if you are outside of the Fairbanks area and vicinity to take in a reptile you have.

RE-HOMING:  If you simply need to re-home a reptile, it may take some time to re-home one to a good home. We do not have a list of people available for you to adopt your animal out to. But to ensure your reptile does get placed in a responsible home that will care for it for the duration of it's lifespan, it is imperative that you ask questions and visit the home of any potential new owners to ensure they are not going to flip that reptile for a profit, going to breed that reptile as there are so many currently at the rescue, on craigslist and in the animal shelters needing new homes. Visiting their home will ensure the new home is clean, and the owners are capable of the expenses involved in properly housing a reptile, amphibian or exotic and feeding one and understand the nature of the animal you are re-homing. You will also learn a lot about the care someone will provide your animal by the way they are currently housing any reptiles they may already have and the condition they are in.
We suggest you refer to this Alaskan Facebook group that pertains to the sales of reptiles and aquatics for listing an animal that needs to be re-homed.

EDUCATION IS KEY:  We have several care sheets here on our blog that we suggest you share with any new potential owners as well as a list of Facebook groups and forums that pertain to the species you are trying to re-home. Education is key to ensuring your reptile, amphibian or exotic animal lives a long healthy life in their new home. Google searches can provide a lot of poor information on how to properly care for reptiles, amphibians and exotics. Facebook groups and forums will have lots of experienced keepers that can guide you to the best information out there pertaining to the care of your reptile, amphibian or exotic animal as well as give you great insight and priceless advice due to their experience with a particular species. Here is a list of Facebook groups and forums for many species of exotic animals.

LOCAL VETERINARIANS:  If you have a sick reptile, please take it to the vet asap. If you are in the Fairbanks area, we recommend you take your reptile to Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital. If you need after hours emergency veterinarian care please call this number for the After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic 907-479-2700.

If you are in the Anchorage area, we recommend Dr. Nicholson at College Village Animal Clinic or Ravenwood Veterinary in Eagle River.

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